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Shenzhen Kehei Lighting Technology Co., Ltd, is a dedicated provider of LED lighting. Our constant independent R&D has won us several design and utilization patents in this field. For example, we have initiated in using magnesium and Aluminum alloy as the heat sink material for our spotlights, which dissipate the heat 70 percent faster than aluminum. We also continue to develop new generation heat sink materials such as aluminum nitride to meet the heat dissipation demand of high power LED lighting. Plus, by cooperation with our suppliers, we have developed the digital dimmable power, which realizes dimmable illumination brightness without silicon control or changing the original circuit. Just using the ordinary switch the user can adjust the brightness in several levels. We provide a wide range of LED lights, including MR16, E26, E27, E14, GU5.3, GU10, G23, 2G7, G24D, PAR30, PAR38, AR111 bulbs, floodlights, global bulbs, spotlights, Jewelry Lights, ceiling lights, downlights, PL tubes, T5/T8 tube lights and more. Our five R&D engineers, with eight years of experience each, can develop five new items monthly. Tell them your requirements, and they can develop a new sample for you in three to seven days. We can produce 20, 000 spotlights, 8, 000 downlights and 10, 000 bulbs every month. And 90 percent of them are exported to the US, the EU, Japan and other countries and regions. Orders for five to 100 pieces can be delivered in just three days. And 10 to 15 days are needed for 100 to 5, 000 pieces. Our seven sales staff fluent in English, are awaiting your inquiries. Call us today.
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  • My Dear Friends, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year~ Kehei Staff wish you 2018 come with a lot of new personal and professional projects for you and your loved ones.
  • LED downlights is popular in the construction and decoration industries. More and more indoor place can find its footprint. Because led downlights has applicability that the other lamps cannot compare. More and more people would like to choose it. So how to choose the right LED led downlights? First, mainly consists of heat sink, led chip, aluminum substrate, power supply. These parts are the core part, grasp these part`s quality, you can buy a nice product that you like. Secondly, led downlights have different size. For example: 2.5 inch, 3.5 inch, 4 inch, 5 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch. According to the hole size and height of ceiling, choose appropriate color and size. Thirdly, LED downlights are generally larger in their beam angle. We can choose different beam angle. But the special beam angle will with higher price.
  • Some people will choose the lamp by themselves in decorating, but how to choose? This article can provide a few tips for you. 1. LED driver. The led driver is LED downlights' heart. The driver quality not only determines its own life span, but also determines the life span of the led chips. So, choosing a good power source is very important. Kehei' led downlight adopt famous brand Philips Driver, and do no need to woyy the quality problem. 2. LED source. COB or SMD types. Kehei' s downlight use SMD5630 Samsung as Source, and the quality is worthy to choose. Beside, the color rendering index is also importance, The higher the color rendering index, the more realistic the effect is. 3. Light efficiency. Light efficiency is the number of lumens per watt, the unit is LM / W. It reflects the energy-saving of LED downlight performance. The better energy-saving lamps, the higher the luminous efficiency. Kehei's LED downlights can reach 100lm/W.
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  • 9W LED Dimmable Downlight with Aluminum Material
  • COB White Black 35W LED Track Lights Adjustable
  • 8W Cool White LED PL Light 160°Beam Angle
  • 2G7 6W LED Tubes Light Replacement 13W CFL
  • G24 8W LED Tube Light High Luminous 80Ra
  • angle adjustable LED jewelry light 30-35W
  • Angle Adujustable Square Multi-spot light
  • cut-out 210mm UGR<22 down light
  • 15W 5 Inch LED Dimmable Downlight CE RoHS
  • High CRI LED Tube Light 17W 30000h
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